One platform to help you build your community on Slack

Atomic is the easiest way for Slack-based communities to welcome new members, learn who they are, and help them find what they are looking for.

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Built for community-led, B2B technology companies

Everything you need to run your community on Slack. Measure engagement across your Slack group, create member communication sequences across Slack, send bulk DMs, and integrate with your CRM to easily measure the business impact of your community, all on Atomic.

Engage members across Email and Slack

Multi-channel communication so you can drive activation and engagement across your member base. Build sequences, run campaigns and send bulk messages via Slack and e-mail, all through one central platform.

Member profiles + directory, right in Slack

Help your members complete rich member profiles right in Slack, so you can learn what your members can offer and what they are looking for. This also allows team and community members to find each other based on their interest and expertise.

Email digest for what's poppin' in Slack

Automatically send an email digest to your members with the best content shared in your Slack group. Easily raise awareness of all the great things happening in your Slack group, while increasing engagement in the process.

AI-powered community support chatbot

Powered by OpenAI Chat - GPT, the Atomic Community AI is like having a community support specialist on your team. Ask the AI to draft replies to new member introductions for you, find members with certain expertise in your member directory, or respond to member requests with the right resources.

Your community enablement platform

Eliminate manual tasks, easily welcome new members and help them find what they're looking for, all with Atomic.

Community member profiles

One click to connect your Slack group, and Atomic will give you a complete member directory that makes it easy for you to connect community members with each other based on their interests and offerings.

Engage the right members at the right time

Our automations make it easy to set up personalized and triggered communications with your community members. Automatically send a welcome message to new joiners, send messages to folks who haven't been active in a while, or ping your most active members automatically asking for feedback.

Visibility into member engagement, immediately

As soon as you enable Atomic, you'll have new visibility into member engagement in your community. See how many new members join your community, how many members are active, and which Slack threads are most (or least) popular.

"I've saved 10+ hours a week and have eliminated the need for 5 other tools by moving to Atomic" - Erin O'Neill

Erin had workflows all over the place and across multiple tools and systems, which took a lot of time to manage and execute, and tracking community engagement across channels was impossible. With Atomic, these problems are solved - she has automated her workflows and can finally measure community engagement within her Slack group.

RevOps Co-op achieved 12x ROI in the first 3 months!

Manual workflows that took a lot of time and effort. Engagement data that was all over the place and incomplete. Using 7 different apps to manage the community end-to-end. This was the norm for Erin O'Neill, Head of Community at RevOps Co-op, until she started using Atomic. She's now been able to automate workflows, eliminate the need for 7 different apps, and measure multi-channel engagement for members. Not only has she saved 10+ hours a week, she's also driven a better member experience and greater business impact with Atomic.

Build members for life, with the Community OS

Multi-channel engagement
Communicate with members across Slack or email, all from one platform.
Workflow automation
Automate  manual workflows with a few clicks - automatically DM new members welcoming them to the community, send an email to folks who recently became unengaged, and more.
Drive business impact
Tie community data together with CRM data to get a complete view into your community members and drive even more robust workflows.

One platform to help you build your community on Slack

Atomic is the easiest way for Slack-based communities to welcome new members, learn who they are, and help them find what they are looking for.